General Information about Radiant Barrier-Reflective Insulation

Radiant Barrier has been around for many years. Insulation that refers to R-Value has not allowed this product to get a good, objective comparison. R-Value only measures the resistance of heat flow through a medium. The rise in energy cost has allowed for comparisons of all insulation materials, and the intrinsic value of our reflective insulation now receives the recognition long deserved. Our manufacturing facility has shipped over 2 billion square feet of quality products to more than 16 Countries in the past nine years, and the growth and acceptability of radiant barrier-reflective insulation continues to gain momentum.

Many years ago, NASA scientists developed Radiant Barrier technology to protect astronauts against the extreme environmental conditions during space activities. This temperature control technology has been applied to virtually all spacecraft and clothing since then, including unmanned spacecraft with delicate instruments that need protection from temperature that ranged between 250°F above to 400°F below Zero. Our Radiant Barrier-Reflective Insulation has the same principal in reducing unwanted heat loss or gain, and also decreases the energy demands of heating and cooling systems.
How does this product save on heating and cooling costs? We are all aware of energy cost continuing to rise as the price of oil and gas increases. The need to find a way to stop or reduce the loss of heated and cooled air is much greater today. Heating and cooling are about 60% of the average American Household energy bill. The most effective way to cut these cost is to lower the amount of heat transferred into the home in the summer an out of the home in the winter. Aluminum is a great reflective metal that can prevent hot or cold air from escaping to areas that you do not want to heat or cool.

Heat is transferred in three ways, radiation, convection and conduction! Heat therefore, is a form of radiation which moves in a direct line from any heat source. The waves are either absorbed or reflected by any material they encounter. Almost all products in our homes either conduct and/or absorb heat waves!

There are three ways in which heat goes from warm spaces to cold spaces:

Conduction: direct heat flow through a solid object like walls or ceilings

Convection: heat movement through the air, occurring when air is warmed, expands and rises

Radiation: movement of heat rays across air spaces from one warm object to a lower temperature medium

Our Radiant Barrier-Reflective Insulation SmartSHIELD will reflect heat waves back away from an area, be the inside of your roof (attic) or put down on top of your joist insulation. Our products are made of double-sided 99% aluminum foil, with closed-cell polyethylene foam. It provides optimal protection by reflecting up to 97% of radiant energy, in addition to resisting conductive and convective heat transfer. Our Radiant Barrier-Reflective insulations are non-toxic and ideal for hot and cold climates. In our Catalog of Energy Saving we go much into detail as the best ways to place Radiant Barrier-Reflective Insulation to get the most for less in Energy savings. These instruction books are available free, upon request!

In simple terms, Reflective Insulation offers a barrier that prevents the penetration of hot and cold from going in the wrong direction! There will always be a need to express insulation values in terms for R-Values but today, we must also see the merits of our closed-cell polyethylene double-sided aluminum foil light weight products most of which are “Do It Yourself”. Insulation Marketplace products can be use for both new construction and redo areas that needs a boost to be more efficient!